“Merritt’s Musial Memories” Now Published!

In March 2017, I was lucky enough to get to catch both nights of The Magnetic Fields' marvelous live rendering of 50 Song Memoir, their latest numbered opus. What intrigued me wasn't just how Stephin Merritt wove his autobiography through the songs, but how the format of the autobiography seemed to draw him out in ways … Continue reading “Merritt’s Musial Memories” Now Published!

“American Pageant” at Sala Beckett’s Obrador d’estiu

This summer, I participated in Sala Beckett's (Barcelona, Spain) 12th annual Obrador d'estiu (Summer Workshop) as a member of the invited 10 person international participants. The workshop, run by Simon Stephens, focused on international dialogue and conversation between the playwrights. We also attended various plays at the Festival du Grec, Barcelona's premiere international theatre and … Continue reading “American Pageant” at Sala Beckett’s Obrador d’estiu

“Capitalizing on Cool: The Music that Makes Girls” out now!

This August, my chapter "Capitalizing on Cool: The Music that Makes Girls" arrived via the new book HBO's Girls The Awkward Politics of Gender, Race, and Privilege. The collection, edited by Elwood Watson, Jennifer Mitchell, & Marc Edward Shaw, features 10 essays on the acclaimed HBO show ranging from musings about the guys of Girls to feminist politics. My own contribution investigates … Continue reading “Capitalizing on Cool: The Music that Makes Girls” out now!