theboatinthetigersuit-datesThe Boat in the Tiger Suit
(4 M, 2W), Full-length

This surreal dark comedy interrogates the divisions and distinctions that make up family. Set on two different dinghies, The Boat in the Tiger Suit begins at Herman’s funeral, who left his family to join the army (and hide from his wife in the process). As Herman’s wife searches for reasons to make her adult children stay, her son Rene slips off to seduce Gene, the solider who accompanies Herman’s casket. Meanwhile, Rene’s sister April attempts to free herself longtime partner and high school sweetheart, Dave. Tacit allegiances are formed, tried, and tested as the quartet of remaining characters stare into an uncertain future of turbulent waters which may contain tigers.

Published by Original Works Publishing

Read: The Boat in the Tiger Suit Excerpt
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La Princesa
(4M, 2W), Full-length
When B, a Jesuit and the Royal Confessor, returns to the court of J, Queen Regent of Spain, control is slipping from the power of the throne. His daughter has devised a plan to get the Emperor to marry her. The Cardinal is out to diminsh Jesuit influence (and increase his own) in the kingdom. And, the Queen is beginning to lose faith after her Grandmother has refused to confess before her death. As court intrigue flourishes, J attempts to hold onto the throne by any means possible, including the Inquisiton, to hold the throne.

Read: La Princesa Excerpt


(2M, 4W), Full-length

Five years ago, Miranda’s father, The Magician, made her mother disappear…or did he?  Now, Miranda’s haunted her father’s assistants, her best friend is honing in on Miranda’s indie rock boyfriend, and she’s just gotten out of school. To reconnect with her mother Miranda travels to Branson, Missouri – the family-friendly Las Vegas.  While she’s there, her Mother reveals a deep secret of her past and Miranda attempts to discover who she is after her past has been whittled away.


NPF Festival Poster  118
(1M, 1W), One-act
Eugene and Ella had a thing. Now, years later, she has to get Eugene’s help to find her missing dog. But, that’s not the whole story. 18 is a piece of fractured Americana which retells the story of Eugene and Ella’s relationship through the operations of memory, reconstructing the present just as we have to reconstruct the past.

Read:  18 excerpt


(2M, 2W), One-Act Play

After his girlfriend breaks up with him, Shackleton sets out to get her back by “discovering” the South Pole. Along the way he struggles with his traveling companion, is haunted by his ex, and meets a mysterious Inuit. Antarctica is a surreal journey to a rescue a departed lover which overturns our notions of discovery.

Read: Antarctica excerpt

About the Cabin
(1M, 1W), Ten-Minute Play
On a flight from Detroit to Tulsa, a chance occurrence brings two old flames into the same row.  As the plane passes from state to state, Jimmy and Margaret catch up and wonder if the past will reappear.

Read: About the Cabin

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