Community Education
As an affiliated artist with Arts in Education Northeast Pennsylvania, Hank has lead several writing workshops for interested community members and educators.

Through KCACTF Region II, Hank has lead performance-focused writing workshops on non-Aristotelian playwriting and location-based writing.

Hank has also lead community-engaged projects focused on theatre and creative-placemaking.

Higher Education
As a professor, Hank regularly teaches First Year Seminar courses including Latest & Greatest and Intro to Performance.

He also regularly teaches literature courses, theatre history courses, and creative writing courses. Hank began his career in higher education as a technical director and acting instructor at UCSB.

Hank has also created several interdisciplinary courses including The City as Theatre, with Dr. Sharon Meagher, which approached the concept of the city from philosophical and theatrical perspectives; and Extraordinary Bodies, with Dr. Ana Ugarte, which analyzed visions of the body in the literature of the Atlantic world.

Other Teaching
Hank began his career in education as an intern at Walden Theatre where he worked with young people across Louisville, Kentucky teaching on a variety of subjects like improv, Shakespeare, and playwriting. He was lucky enough to maintain that relationship with Walden for several years directing summer camps, writing plays for their student-performers, holding a weekly playwriting workshop, and teaching text analysis of Shakespeare.

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